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"Empowering Individuals and Organizations with Strategic Thinking"

Our Story

Our story is just like so many of yours. It starts off in a neighborhood full of life and joy. A place where everybody knows your name. It's a close knit community and the small businesses seem to thrive the same. However, the plot starts to shift when businesses start to die. Going unnoticed, has been the lack of business support, education, and planning which have led them not to survive. The community, still close knit,  starts to believe that there is no hope in a start-up businesses’ life.

These deterrents seem like a normal way of life to somebody when that is all they have seen. However, we saw other options that said, "It is time for a change." Not letting the forces of inability and negativity deter or distract us, we set a course in motion to help make a difference in the lives of those who paved the way for us.

More than just problem solvers, we are strategic thinkers. We empower you to think beyond the here and now but plan towards the future. 

We can help develop you or your business with strategic planning, marketing and media and communications but our goal-- is to make sure that your business is Sustainable!

Let our story be the one that captures you and transforms your thinking. So your business thrives now to infinity! 


Our Values


The Ethos of Our Culture

 These values are the foundation of how we live, move, and have our being:

  1. Love God. Love People. Love Life.

When one loves God, it shines on His people and lives in the life of the giver, which is a reflection of His goodness.

  1. Respect and Honor.

Treating others the way we’d like to be treated.

  1. Lead with Integrity.

Leading with integrity means we are consistent, honest, and have a high moral compass.

  1. Keep Growing to Transform.

We must seek, ask, and look for opportunities to continually change.

  1. Effective Listening to Learn.

We acknowledge that to truly learn, we must be active in listening.

  1. Wisdom to Discern.

We approach all situations with a mindset of what’s right and wrong.

  1. Engage to Actively Include.

We seek with intent to proactively involve and join others.

  1. Diverse Lens for Equitable Access.

We share a perspective that moves beyond equality but fair access for all.

  1. Persistent Patience for Breakthrough.

By waiting, we see a greater transformation.

  1. Gratitude for Provision.

We are thankful for what God has provided and acknowledge Him in all our ways.

The rewards of walking in these values are fulfilling for us, and our clients, and please the heart of God:

I know, my God, that you examine the hearts and rejoice when you find integrity there. You know [we] have done all this with good motives, and [we] have watched your people offer their gifts willingly and joyously." -Chronicles 21:17, NLT


Meet the Team

Smart Strategic Business Solutions, LLC was founded by Valerie C. Smart and has since grown to include strategic partnerships and alliances with like-minded business professionals. We work together for the benefit of our clients using our specific gifts, skills, talents, and abilities to serve the greater community.

Valerie C. Smart 
Founder & Lead Strategic Consultant

Founder & Lead Strategic Consultant
Growing up in Cleveland, OH and residing in the Buckeye Community was an enriching experience. I saw so much diversity in my neighborhood spanning from different races, ethnicities, ages, and religions. The differences are what brought us together as a family community where everybody knew your name. I knew I was destined to be this person connecting, encouraging, and empowering others because that is what I experienced. The creation of  this company embodies the very essence of who I am--a teacher, a leader, a creator, supporter and a builder that connects strategy and planning with the art of communication.

Our Client Community

We are proud that our clients are more than just customers, but they are a part of our community. They are nonprofits, public, and private sector organizations whose missions are to effect positive change in the communities they serve.

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