Angela Whitaker, Owner

An efficient and effective one stop shop for any start-up business. Thank You

Angela Whitaker, Owner

Other Testimonials

"Valerie and Demetrius know what it takes to communicate with Opportunity Corridor’s most important target markets. They really listen, to both client and audience, taking the time to craft the right message for residents—our target market. Valerie and Demetrius are extremely hard working and hands-on, going above and beyond."

Marie Kittredge, Opportunity Corridor Partnership

"SSBS, LLC helped me further develop my business to grow me within my industry. They showed me that there is a strategic solution to everything and took the time to educate me on how to run my business more efficiently.”

Carla Moody, Principal


"Smart Strategic Business Solutions offered two excellent trainings on branding and storytelling for Neighbor Up members. Both sessions were fun, informative, and offered great information. Participants left some really good ideas and tools they could incorporate into their community efforts with their non-profit or neighborhood group. Valerie and Demetrius are excellent instructors and made the sessions lively, understandable, and personable. I highly recommend them!"

Tom O’Brien, Program Director


By using the strategic thinking and creativity of two of the most innovative and dynamic consultants in the Greater Cleveland area, an organization will not only thrive but it will be transformed.

Donna Dabbs, Executive Director