Our Team

Smart Strategic Business Solutions, LLC was founded by Valerie C. Smart and has since grown to include Demetrius O. Williams the Lead Marketing Consultant. Our mission is to help empower individuals and organizations so they develop the internal capacity to be the most effective they can be in their mission work and to sustain themselves over the long-term.

Valerie C. Smart

Founder & Lead Strategic Consultant

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Growing up in Cleveland, OH and residing in the Buckeye Community was an enriching experience. I saw so much diversity in my neighborhood spanning from different races, ethnicities, ages, and religions. The differences are what brought us together as a family community where everybody knew your name. I knew I was destined to be this person connecting, encouraging, and empowering others because that is what I experienced. The creation of this company embodies the very essence of who I am--a teacher, a leader, a creator, supporter and a builder that connects strategy and planning with the art of communication, hence, Strategic Communications.

Demetrius O. Williams

Strategic Marketing Consultant

Born and raised on the eastside of Cleveland, Ohio, I’ve learned at a young age the benefits of planning and working hard to execute goals.  Having this understanding empowered me to continue my education and enhance my skill sets in a multitude of areas.  After acquiring years of experience working within nonprofit and for profit organizations, I knew it was time to empower others.   SSBS follows four main principles which I embody; honesty, integrity, competence and transparency.  These are the foundation and keys to the success of our business as well as my everyday life.

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