Frequently Asked Questions:

We have found that many organizations and individuals have similar questions about strategic planning. Here are a few of those questions answered by our team.

Just what exactly is Strategic Planning?

The term strategic planning refers to a coordinated and systematic process for developing a plan for the overall direction of your endeavor for the purpose of optimizing future potential. For a profit-making business, this process involves many questions.

Is a Strategic Plan different from a Business Plan?

Yes, a strategic plan answers the question why while a business plan is a blueprint for how. It is a big-picture, forward-thinking approach to a company’s reason for being.

How is Strategic Planning different from Long-Range Comprehensive Planning?

​Strategic planning offers a process for moving from the general long-range (10-to-20-year) goals and objectives of a comprehensive plan to more specific short-term initiatives and actions. Strategic planning focuses on a few priority issues and deals with the organization’s social and economic issues, as well as its physical development (something typically emphasized in comprehensive plans). Also, strategic planning includes an action plan with clearly defined timetables and responsibilities, while the comprehensive plan tends to provide general guidance for decision making.

What are the characteristics of a successful Strategic Planning process?

A successful planning process should:

  • Involve key and diverse stakeholders in the organization
  • Develop ownership of the future vision and the action plan, and a sense of community among stakeholders
  • Produce results that support the organization’s expected “drivers” of change
  • Develop the strategic thinking of the participants in the process
  • Lead to an institutionalized strategic planning process in the organization